Lucha Underground Has Already Been Extended To A Third Season, So Let’s Rejoice

02.01.16 3 years ago 22 Comments

Just as we’re enjoying the return of the internet’s favorite wrestling show, we’re hit with more good news. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there was a backstage meeting where the cast and crew were informed that the show would be renewed for a third season.

Here’s what’s just as important, though: Apparently the talent was also notified that Lucha Underground would soon be available for iTunes distribution, so the rest of the world that doesn’t have the El Rey network can watch. This is huge. I’ve been wondering why we don’t have more access to the show, especially considering that the fanbase is probably fully of heavy internet users. The only difference between LU and NXT is the fact we have access to the latter. Even before the WWE Network, NXT was on HULU and was already becoming a cult show. Now that we’ll be able to watch Lucha Underground outside of having to find the El Rey network, the show’s popularity should increase dramatically.

In the meantime, you can still tune into season two and enjoy the best wrestling show not enough people are watching.

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