Praise The Gods, Lucha Underground Is Getting A Fourth Season

Here’s some good news for your Friday. Despite rumors that season 3’s Ultima Lucha Tres finale would be a series finale, Lucha Underground announced on Friday afternoon (in true Lucha fashion) that the best wrestling show and/or supernatural telenovela on television would be returning in 2018 with a fourth season. PRAISE BE.

So far, that video and a press release is all we know.

El Rey Network has green lit the fourth season of its hit lucha libre wrestling series Lucha Underground, it was announced today by El Rey Network President and G.M. Daniel Tibbets. Production will begin in Los Angeles in early 2018.

“Lucha Underground has been a remarkable series for El Rey Network. We have aired 105 episodes since its debut in 2014, hosted a live event at the SXSW film festival as well as in markets across the Southwest, and the series was the first TV show to screen theatrically using 4dx technology. Further, filming each episode in front of a live audience has given devoted fans the opportunity to engage and closley connect with the show,”, commented Tibbets. “I am as excited as ‘The Believers’ – Lucha Underground’s rabid fanbase – that the series is coming back for another action-packed season.”

And frankly we’re fine with that, because now it means we’ll get answers to questions like [spoilers for Ultima Lucha Tres if you’re ridiculous and still haven’t watched it] “is Dario Cueto still alive,” “are we going to meet Papa Cueto in season 4,” “who is the cigar smoking devil man in the limo,” and, perhaps most importantly, “how is King Cuerno adjusting to having a god-inhabited monster gauntlet on display in his trophy cabin next to a bunch of taxidermied animal heads?”

Welcome back, Lucha Underground. We can’t wait to see how the show changes in season 4, and look forward to being super worried about cancellation at the end of the season only to get hype at the announcement of season 5.