Lucha Underground Is Leaving The Temple For One Night Only At SXSW

Lucha Underground: We love it, you love it, The Rock is at least somewhat aware of it. Living in Austin, a city very near and dear to El Rey Network founder Robert Rodriguez, I couldn’t help but wonder if we were getting any Lucha presence for SXSW, our yearly invasion of all things music, film, and tourists with cavalier ideas about where they’re allowed to park. Well, it turns out the answer is “Yes” in big, neon capital letters, because a double dose of Lucha Underground is coming to Texas on March 15. First of all, there’s the Creation of Lucha Underground panel, moderated by With Spandex’s very own Brandon Stroud.

The Creation of Lucha Underground will focus on the formation of the high-flying, action-packed new wrestling franchise that has taken the wrestling community by storm. Speakers include Rey Mysterio Jr. (Wrestler), Eric Van Wagenen (Executive Producer and Show Runner), Dorian Roldán (League Owner), and Christina Patwa (El Rey Network). The panel will be followed by a live Lucha Underground event at Austin Music Hall on Tuesday, March 15 at 7:00PM, bringing the blood-pumping, chant-starting, fierce lucha libre drama and excitement to Austin.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, there’s a little something called AUSTIN WARFARE later that day. The good news is that Lucha Underground is finally making its first road trip. The bad news is that it already appears to be 100% full. This is usually how cool stuff works at SXSW.

Attention Austin Believers – El Rey Network’s addictive, lucha libre wrestling series is coming to SXSW for a live event, bringing the blood-pumping, chant-starting, fierce lucha libre drama and excitement to Austin as the masked heroes and villains battle it out for wrestling supremacy. Join some of your favorite Lucha Underground wrestlers and experience the high flying action first hand as the blood pumping event leaves its LA Temple and invades Austin for one night only.

I have so many questions. Who’s on the card? Will Dario Cueto be there? What if the Austin Music Hall has secretly been the new base of operations for Dario and Black Lotus all along? If Matanza has been eating faces within walking distance of my house, I’m going to be so mad.