Macaulay Culkin Used ‘Home Alone’ Traps To Help Santa Win A Wrestling Match

On Thursday night, Bar Wrestling had its final event of the year. If you’re not familiar with Bar Wrestling, it’s Joey Ryan’s latest extremely successful venture: wrestling in a bar. Truth in advertising!

Anyway, Bar Wrestling has been having super-in-demand standing room only events in Los Angeles area bars for most of the year, and all of them have been extremely well-received and praised for how damn fun they are. Like CHIKARA, but with cusses! They generally use the very best Southern California talent to make up most of each card, but also fly in an extremely diverse group of top names. If you’re interested in watching any of their past events, you can check them out over on the Highspots Network, which I just recommend in general.

Another thing that happens at Bar Wrestling is — given the whole “Los Angeles” thing — sometimes some special guest stars will just pop in. Like on Thursday night, when Joey Ryan was dressed like a sexy Santa, teaming with Elf Candice LeRae and actual Santa Supercop Dick Justice against Ray Rosas, “Professional” Peter Avalon, and Swoggle, who should be sitting in the front row but oh hey, LITERAL MACAULAY CULKIN.

And wouldn’t you know it, the dang Culkin got involved in the dang match. AND HE USED HOME ALONE TRAPS IN A PRO WRESTLING CONTEXT, to perfect (PERFECT) effect. Like a paint can right to Swoggle’s friggin’ face!

Or maybe some blocks to make the bad guys slip? Yeah, he covered that angle as well.

Not a bad splash either, my dude.

No word on whether the filthy animals Candice, Joey, and Dick were wrestling kept the change.

The action, as you may have noticed, was being filmed by Matt Cohen, who is working on a webseries and an upcoming podcast with Culkin. We’re … we’re going to need to see that HD video of this match as soon as possible, please and thank you.

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