Mark Henry Inspired Street Children And Talked Retirement During His Recent Tour Of India

WWE's 2014 SuperStars For Kids
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So hey, what’s Mark Henry been up to lately now that the Hall of Pain is largely closed for renovations? Well, the big guy’s been on a goodwill tour of India (I guess WWE lost Great Khali’s number), and it seems like he’s having a ball there. Here’s Mizark in front of a thronging crowd of his Indian fans.

Henry met with 20 former street children as part Raksha Bandhan, the Indian festival of love and brotherhood/sisterhood. Mark received gifts from the kids, including an appropriately intimidating sketch. Warning, it’s about to get adorable up in here.

Henry also spent time with some athletes from India’s Special Olympics team.

While on his trip, Mark Henry talked to the Times of India about a variety of subjects, including the Special Olympics, which he’s worked with several times in the past.

“It is an awesome opportunity to just be around them. It is more about being something that I want to do and not something that I’m supposed to do. The innocence and warmth with which they meet and greet you without knowing who you are professionally is heart-melting. Having achieved whatever they have, teaches you how one can succeed with sheer hard work despite limitations. It’s a good feeling to be in their company.”

The Times of India weren’t above trying to get some scoops, asking Henry where he sees his career going in the future, and whether he might retire at WrestleMania 32 in his home state of Texas.

“Well, I’ve done it all. Won several championships. My ambition now is to be a part of finding the future talent of wrestling and open up the sport to new countries like India. I may retire next year. It may be the swansong of my wrestling career, but definitely not the end of Mark Henry!”

This better not be the end of Mark Henry. The world can’t spare such an inexhaustible source of awesomeness.

via the Times of India