Mark Henry Obliterated A Fake Houston Rockets Mascot With A Chair

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05.04.17 7 Comments

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, as is the very welcome new tradition of getting professional wrestlers involved in fights during NBA Playoff games. First we had Jerry Lawler and Buff Bagwell getting into a TLC match that included a falling bear at a Grizzlies game, and now we have the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, popping up at Game 2 of the Spurs vs. Rockets series to dish out some wig-splitting.

Henry, who lives in Austin and is from Silsbee, Texas, was in the house on Thursday night for the game in San Antonio, and posted up in the front row (clad in a “GO SPURS GO” shirt) way before game time.

During a timeout in the game, a fake version of the Rockets’ mascot, Clutch, wandered out on the court and challenged the Spurs Coyote (a notoriously insane mascot, even by NBA standards) to a fistfight.

Fake Clutch, being underhanded and evil, just like Fake Undertaker and Fake Sting before him, took advantage of a distraction to sucker-punch the Coyote and lay him out cold. THE CAD. But it’s okay, because Henry was there to act as the Coyote’s enforcer. AND ENFORCE HE DID.

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