Watch WWE’s Mark Henry Adorably Mark Out For A Weightlifting World Record

Russian powerhouse Aleksey Lovchev’s 264kg clean and jerk at Monday’s International Weightlifting Federation’s World Weightlifting Championships — 582 pounds, if you need the conversion — was good enough to set a world record, and his post-lift promo was good enough to make WWE TV.

“This shows that Russia is the strongest nation.”

If you’re wondering where the strong American pro wrestler is to correct him, and say he says The United States of America is the strongest nation, he’s in the crowd cheering Lovchev on. Jump to the 1:17 mark to see WWE Superstar Mark Henry filming the lift on his phone and, for lack of a better term, marking out.

In case you missed him, here’s a pic:

As you may know if you’ve ever heard anybody call him strong, Mark himself is a former powerlifter and Olympic weightlifter with several world records of his own, so it’s great to see him out in the crowd, supporting the craft. If you’ve never seen him at work, here’s an example:

Let’s keep this video away from WWE, though, because the last thing we need is a superior Russian athlete showing up and forcing us into another Lana/Rusev love triangle. If Putin gave Rusev a gold star, he’d give this guy the moon.