Bullet Club Member Marty Scurll Is Now A Men’s Suit Spokesperson

Marty Scurll is a British wrestler who was a contestant on the first season of British Boot Camp, has wrestled in PROGRESS, Revolution Pro and every U.K. promotion you can think of, has wrestled in PWG and every U.S. indie promotion you can think of, is signed to Ring of Honor and New Japan, just became a member of the Bullet Club, has held the ROH Television Championship, and is well-known for having a last name that most wrestling fans are completely unable to pronounce properly despite it being pretty simple.

Anyway, there’s yet one more accomplishment that Scurll is now able to check off his bucket list: he’s now sponsored by a suit company. It’s not some rinky-dink suit company, either. It’s Topman, the male clothing counterpart to huge, worldwide British clothing retailer Topshop. Scurll has been tapped to be the model for their new “muscle suit,” which sadly is not the molded foam suit that George Michael Bluth wears to the “Living Classics” pageant.

Scurll’s wrestling persona for the past couple years has been “The Villain,” a dastardly guy in a big fur coat, a kinda-sorta Clockwork Orange bird (?) mask, and wielding an umbrella. It’s good that he has a nice suit to wear under that big coat now. There’s only so long you can get away with rocking just underwear under a fur coat before people start calling you a flasher.