Matt Hardy Took The Most Brutal Jeff Jarrett Guitar Shot Ever

You can call it the Acoustic Equalizer, you can call it El Kabong, you can call it whatever you like. Regardless of what it’s named, Jeff Jarrett’s signature guitar shot to the head has put away countless opponents over the years. It’s usually a pretty flashy operation, with chunks of flimsy wood flying around the ring in a shatter pattern that any crime scene investigator would love. But this past weekend at WrestleCade IV in North Carolina, things went awry during Jarrett’s match with Matt Hardy. After Hardy’s rival Ethan Carter III ran interference, Jarrett swung for the fences and opened up a huge wound on Hardy’s head. Thanks to Title Match Wrestling, here’s the footage. WARNING: Any images you see past this point are going to be very, very bloody.

As you can see in the video, Jarrett caught Hardy with the blunt edge of the guitar, resulting in less of a kabong and more of an oh God, how does the human head contain that much blood. You can even see Karen Jarrett at ringside, instantly realizing that it didn’t go right. As mentioned in the title of the video, Hardy received 38 stitches after the match to close up the cut. He was also kept overnight at a local hospital for observation.

If we’re making bloody lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been given here, this actually throws a lot of fuel on the fire of this Hardy/EC3 feud. Granted, it’s a feud that includes Matt Hardy vacating the TNA world title via YouTube video due to legal shenanigans, but this really escalates things. In any case, we’re just glad that Hardy seems to be on the mend.

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