WWE Network Actually Addressed The ‘Broken Hardys’ Trademark Situation

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06.13.17 10 Comments

WWE Network

We’re now on day whatever of “WWE Broken Hardys” watch, with no end in sight. The battle rages on to determine who owns the rights to Matt Hardy’s “Broken Brilliance” universe that was created while the Hardys were under contract to Impact Wrestling. And while Matt hasn’t been shy about doing the Broken mannerisms and occasionally the character voice since going to WWE, they’ve never gone whole hog, almost certainly due to infringement concerns before all of this hullaballoo is settled.

But in a very unexpected twist, there is some actual, official, WWE-sanctioned on-the-record discussion about the situation. In a 15-minute interview with the Hardys that was quietly uploaded to WWE Network in the past week, Corey Graves asked about the likelihood of seeing the Broken personae in WWE. Matt Hardy is saying there’s a chance, which we of course knew. But what’s most notable is that this is on the Network at all.

Thanks to Redditor MVPlaya, we can take a look at a clip where Graves asks the question.

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