Former WWE And TNA Star Matt Morgan Says He Was Nearly Cast On ‘The Walking Dead’

There’s a chance you may not be very familiar with Matt Morgan, but if you watched TNA or Impact Wrestling for any amount of time in the past decade or so, you’ll remember him as a major player, and a massive guy who looked like an absolute star, but somehow never captured a major singles title. IN TNA.

“The Blueprint” started wrestling in 2002, following a college basketball career, and was with WWE both in developmental and on the main roster from 2002 to 2005 before traveling the world and being a fixture of Impact at various points. He also got a stint as an American Gladiator during the 2009 revival of that show.

Morgan is currently semi-retired, and returned to Impact once again for a brief stint earlier this year before leaving the company. But he’s still active in many outside pursuits, including continuing to audition for acting roles. In fact, according to the man himself, he had all but sewn up a major role on the extremely popular series The Walking Dead before it was yanked away from him.

Morgan appeared on the WINC podcast on Monday and spilled the beans about how he was nearly Abraham Ford. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.)

“I auditioned for that part and I was all-but-told that it was mine, so I got b****y about it and refused to watch [the show] because I didn’t get it. I was at my brother’s house in Boston, supposed to be there for the holidays, and I didn’t pay attention to anybody because I was supposed to be memorizing my scripts, and then at the last second they pulled the carpet out from underneath me.”

Now I really just want The Walking Dead to actually have a legit seven-footer whomping up on zombies. AMC really missed the boat, man. They haven’t screwed up this bad since they canceled Rubicon.