McMahonsplaining, The With Spandex Podcast Episode 5: Kevin Condron

and 09.13.17 5 months ago 2 Comments


This week, we here at the With Spandex podcast are pleased to be joined by the one and only Kevin Condron, who is quickly becoming a jack of all trades on the independent wrestling scene. He announces for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Bar Wrestling (Joey Ryan’s promotion that is burning up the charts in California), and wrestles for Championship Wrestling from Arizona. He also happens to be the VP of WrestleCircus, Texas’ hottest promotion. Oh yeah, and he founded the Squared Circle subreddit.

Kevin sat down with us to talk about the state of indie wrestling and a whole slew of other topics as well, up to and including the best pro wrestling gimmick you’ve never heard of. We also, of course, talk about our favorite wrestlers, and wrap things up with a very intriguing thought experiment sent in by a listener.

Speaking of which! Please send your thoughts and questions to, because we’ll read the best emails on the show, and we have a lot of cool giveaways to give away.

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