Mercedes Martinez Has Signed With WWE

After nearly twenty years in the wrestling business, independent star Mercedes Martinez has a contract with a major company. According to SoCal Uncensored, she is now signed with WWE and will report to the Performance Center later this month.

Martinez turned heads when she competed in WWE’s second Mae Young Classic back in 2018. Though she didn’t advance that far in the tournament, her match with Meiko Satomura was widely regarded as its biggest highlight. WWE sharing her real-life story of working a day job while hustling on the independents for decades had fans clamoring someone to sign Martinez, and that has now finally happened.

There was speculation she might sign with another major promotion, All Elite Wrestling, after making some appearances for the company in 2019. Her entrance as the surprise number twenty-one and the pop it produced was a highlight of the women’s Casino Battle Royal and she appeared on AEW Dark, but apparently Martinez going All Elite was not to be.

Martinez’s stacked independent resume includes wrestling on the first Shimmer show back in 2005, wrestling the longest one-on-one women’s match of all time (a 75-minute Iron Woman match against Tessa Blanchard in 2018), having a backstage role at women’s wrestling promotion Rise, and so much more.

Anyone who had seen Mercedes Martinez wrestle before this could tell she would be a huge get for any company, and WWE is lucky to have her. Now give us Mercedes vs. Io ASAP, please!