How Michael Cole Got In Crazy Good Shape And Secretly Became Michael Swole

Michael Cole made a few life changes, and now he’s got a concealed weapons permit for THESE GUNS. The WWE announcer remains undefeated at WrestleMania, and now has the athletic physique you’d associated with a boast like that:

According to Cole, he started at 226 pounds with 29.9 percent body fat. After working with Jesse Marines, a Texas-based personal trainer, he’s down to a fighting 169 (one-nice) with 6.5 percent body fat. The 48-year-old completely overhauled his physical fitness routine, his diet, and even gave up drinking. Via

I was eating a lot of carbs; a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich on a hard roll with potato chips for lunch and at dinner, I’d eat potatoes with whatever else I was eating. Another big thing for me was that I enjoyed drinking beer. I was a big beer drinker and those are very empty calories. I haven’t had a drink since we started this program almost a year ago.

After the first month, I was 10 pounds down. After the second month, I was down another 10 pounds. As I saw the progress and saw my body change, I really got into the program. Jesse started tweaking my diet, increasing my cardio, which is now 90 minutes on the StairMaster every day, and changing my weight training to the point where this has become part of my daily life whether I’m with Jesse at home or on the road.

My favorite part of the interview is the thing that drove him to get his fitness on track. I mean, I’d love to say I really connected with being unhappy with yourself when you look in the mirror, but, really, it’s more so that his rich white people hobby is what really drove the point home. Yes, I am imagining him dressed as Colonel DeBeers without the inherent racism while delivering this interview from his den that’s been styled to look like a big game hunting lodge:

I was climbing mountains, and the big mountain that we tried to climb was Grand Teton in Wyoming. We got snowed off the mountain at 12,500 feet and even if we didn’t get snowed off, I knew inside that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the climb. I knew I wasn’t in shape to do it. All of those things combined made me realize that I needed to make some life changes.

Anyways, good job on having the willpower to stop eating potatoes and totally reinventing yourself. Also thanks for not dying on a mountain, I guess. Hey, if he and JBL (fellow mountain-climbing enthusiast and actual rich dude) did get stuck on the side of the mountain, they’d totally eat JBL first, right? I mean, Cole’s all jacked and sinewy now, and we’ve all seen the soft belly that lies beneath JBL’s suits. Oh yeah, man. The more I think about it, the more I’m 100 percent sure they’d Alive! the sh*t out of JBL.

h/t to our favorite bros at BroBible