Michael ‘PS’ Hayes Is So Concerned About Kids Praying In School, He Wrote A Song About It

Concerned citizen, Michael Hayes. 

Oh, Michael Hayes – any story I’ve ever read about the man makes him sound like a fairly awful person, but on other hand, I find it strangely heartening that a guy who so totally doesn’t give a f*ck is still employed by WWE. Beneath the Twitter-obsessed, PG surface, a sketchy carnie heart still beats.

In the latest instance of the guy doing whatever the hell he wants, Michael “Pure Sexy” Hayes has released a new single called “Why Can’t The Children Pray in School?” Hoo boy. Here’s what Hayes had to say about the hot-button (10 years ago?) issue…

“If the kids want pray why stop them? This is America right? Let’s get to acting like it again!”

Can’t argue with that! Well, you can, quite easily and convincingly, but then Michael Hayes might bulldog you. Or make you look at him with his shirt off. Oh, and here’s the song’s amazing cover art, which appears to have been done by Jerry Lawler…

You can grab “Why Can’t the Children Pray in School?” from iTunes right here. Next time an unfunny friend makes a “Play Freebird!” joke, cue this song up, and when he looks confused, be all “You meant Fabulous Freebird Michael “PS” Hayes’ song about school prayer, right? Well, either way, we’re listening to all five minutes.”

Michael Hayes has more songs planned for the future, including one titled “I’m Gonna Drink ‘Til You Start Looking Good” which I assume is about Terry Gordy.

Almost…almost there. 

via Wrestling Inc. here & here