Michigan Fans Went Jorting, And I Have A Fantastic New Idea For WrestleMania

That was the announcement from @UMMaizeRage, the “official twitter of the University of Michigan Maize Rage, college basketball’s most passionate and attractive student section.” I don’t know why they picked jorts — the colloquial name for jean shorts — but they seemed pretty jazzed about it.

This, courtesy of Lost Letterman via Instagram, was the result:

I can’t believe we didn’t have a “JORTS” tag before this. Anyway, the jorts accomplished what they were worn to do, I guess, as that night’s Michigan game ended as a a 62–47 win over Nebraska.

The only person I can think of who has done more to popularize jorts in the 2010s than the UM Maize Rage is WWE’s John Cena, who has wrestled in them for like a decade. If jorts are suddenly a magic charm, maybe we should organize a “jort out” for this year’s WrestleMania. Do you get extra points if you jort in an outdoor venue in the middle of a New Jersey April?