Michigan State’s Band Played John Cena’s Theme During The Big Ten Championship Game And Spoiler, They Won

There’s one reason the Michigan State Spartans won Saturday’s Big Ten Championship game, and his name is JOHN CENAAAAA!

If you listen closely, yes, that’s ‘The Time Is Now,’ aka “that John Cena song that interrupts every video I’m starting to get into and/or means I’m about to watch a frustrating wrestling segment,” playing in the background at the end of the third quarter. It shouldn’t surprise you: Michigan State previously adopted Daniel Bryan-style “YES!” chants to celebrate victories. It was enough to help propel them to a 16-13 over Iowa, and yes, I’m saying it helped them win because I’ve never seen a better Big Match Wrestler than John Cena.

Somebody teach the Michigan State marching band how to play ‘Bad Bad Man’.