Mick Foley Listed His Personal Top Five WWE Raw Moments Of All Time

01.23.18 1 year ago 4 Comments


After all the build-up and anticipation, the 25th anniversary of WWE Raw is now in the books. Things started off with a bang, with some Stunners to McMahons for old time’s sake, but depending on what you were expecting or hoping for, things might have gone downhill for you from there.

No one can deny that the night wasn’t rife with nostalgia, from the IcoPro banner-festooned Manhattan Center, to a parade of general managers past, to the Boogeyman coming to get you. The order of the day was to celebrate things that wrestling fans remember and loved, but there were some notable absences. And the build to this Sunday’s Royal Rumble was a bit of an afterthought. But you only get a chance to celebrate an anniversary like this once every quarter century. Allegedly.

One person who wasn’t around for Monday’s Raw 25 — and someone who has been a big part of WWE for a large chunk of those 25 years in question — was Mick Foley. Foley was shown in numerous video packages and name-dropped by the Undertaker among others, but wasn’t in the house. It probably would have been weird for both him and Kurt Angle. Former employees and new hires and all.

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