Mick Foley Offered Support To Kurt Angle And Provided An Update On His Hip Surgery

Kurt Angle officially took over as the new general manager on Monday Night Raw on the post-Mania show, making official what had long been rumored to happen. Angle takes over for the “fired” Mick Foley, who is planning on taking a break from the company while he has surgery on his hip.

Foley addressed both Angle taking over and his upcoming hip surgery in a Facebook post on Tuesday, lending his full support to Angle.


Kurt Angle is great choice for #RAW GM. He has the respect of everyone in the dressing room, can get serious when he needs to, and has an awe-inspiring ability to embrace his inner nerd. He is likely to have very good chemistry with a wide assortment of the #Raw roster – which makes for good television. I’m not sure if this is true, but there is a rumor out there that he won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck!

I will be wishing Kurt the very best, and will always have an open ear for him if he is looking for advice or feedback. But publicly, I am going to take a page out of former US President’s playbooks, and do my best to stay fairly quiet about the product. I may occasionally point out something positive that I see (like Neville and Mustafa Ali working their butts off last night under less than ideal circumstances) but, in general, I will be keeping a much lower profile on social media.

Foley also updated his fans on a change in date on his surgery:

My hip surgery has been postponed a week – until April 19. I won’t be able to get my final exams done until after I get back from Wales on April 10th, so we had to push the surgery back a week. Following the surgery, I have one appearance in Queens on May 13, and then nothing until July. So I should have plenty of time to rehabilitate my hip, become a better homeschooling teacher, and possibly work on another writing project as well. You can check out my schedule at http://realmickfoley.com.

Have a nice day!

Foley seems content to hang back with his family during his recovery and promises to not be too intrusive with his thoughts and commentary about the job Angle and the rest of the RAW crew is doing on social media.