Annoyed By The NXT Full Sail Crowd? Mick Foley’s Right There With You

11.20.15 3 years ago 59 Comments

If you have an opinion about WWE NXT, you probably have an opinion about the Full Sail crowd. If you’re not a person in the Full Sail crowd, your opinion is probably, “How can we tear out those bleachers and jettison them into outer space?”

One person who shares that opinion is WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who took to Twitter to air his grievances against the Full Sail faithful. Keep in mind that this is Mick Foley, a guy who wrestled in the ECW Arena during its glory days and was once caught in the middle of a chair riot. That guy thinks you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s what Mick had to say:

As a guy who writes about NXT every week, I go back and forth on the crowd. Sometimes they let the gimmick go and enjoy the matches on a personal, visceral level unmatched by any other WWE audiences. They’re part of the reason we care so much about so many NXT stars. Sometimes they get bored, though, and get so into a single chant or joke that they do it for the entirety of a taping and drive it into the ground before anyone’s had a chance to see it. One night of an annoying “heeeeeey we want some Baaaaay-laaaaaay!” turns into three weeks of TV, and that can be a nightmare.

For more on the NXT crowd, let’s revisit that time Kevin Owens publicly dragged them:

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