The Million Dollar Man Revealed What Shook His Relationship With Virgil, And It’s Exactly What You Think

Former WWF star Virgil keeps making his way into the modern-day wrestling conversation, but it never seems to be for very….we’ll say positive reasons. Sure, everyone had a great laugh over f*ck money because calling any part of your income f*ck money is kinda great, but the public weirdness and outrageous claims just kinda make you feel bad all over.

WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase — better known as The Million Dollar Man during his time in WWF — recently talked about his relationship with Virgil. Virgil was his former onscreen bodyguard (indentured servant just doesn’t have the same ring to it), and as DiBiase recounted to Ring Rust Radio, the two never had any issues. That is, until Virgil tried to get that f*ck money in a less-than-above-board way:

Here is the thing where he really hurt himself and our relationship: The guys got to make a living, and I understand that. He was struggling and he had gone to some comic con events to do autograph signings.

I found out when I started doing a couple days, is that what he would do is call these promoters and say, “Would you like to book Ted and I,” and they would say sure. He paid his own way and he would pick up his own hotel. What he would do is he would go or wait like a week or two weeks out and then call them and say, “Something has come up and Ted won’t be able to make it, but I will still be there.” I was oblivious to this and never knew what he was doing.

DiBiase spent most of his time involved in his ministry, and found that when he did make time to do personal appearances, he would find himself already booked thanks to Virgil and his uh, entrepreneurial spirit. I mean, DiBiase’s a Christian minister for, well, You Know Who’s sake. Obviously that’s not going to go over too well. But, much like the You Know Who in question, DiBiase still takes a forgiving stance:

…no matter where he does go, wherever he sets up a table, there’s a big banner behind him and it’s a picture both of us. He is advertising Million Dollar Man and Virgil, but the Million Dollar Man is no longer there with him. It’s just sad, but I don’t wish Mike any ill at all. You sometimes reap what you sow. You do things the wrong way and it comes back to bite you. I really think that is what happened to him.

Welp, that went over a lot better than when Virgil tried to support his “son” Xavier Woods, that’s for sure.