Missy Hyatt Has Been Arrested For Grand Theft, And Here’s Her Depressing Mugshot

Writing pro wrestling news isn’t always fun, particularly when the subject of Missy Hyatt rolls around. Hyatt’s long personal plunge continued last month when the former First Lady of Wrestling was arrested in her hometown of Tallahassee, Fla. for grand theft. The situation may not be quite as bad as it sounds, as grand theft is defined as anything more than $300, but under $5,000 in Florida. So, it could be that Missy just nabbed an expensive iPod or something. The exact details of her accused crime have not yet be released.

The Tallahassee Sheriff’s Office also released a mugshot, and, well, prepare to feel some sads…

Hyatt made her name in the Universal Wrestling Federation out of Oklahoma and WCW, managing the likes of Eddie Gilbert and the Steiner Brothers. The height of her career came during a lengthy feud with the gloriously mulleted Paul E. Dangerously (Paul Heyman), which culminated in an intergender match that Hyatt won. She sued WCW for sexual harassment in the mid-90s, reportedly receiving a healthy settlement. Unfortunately, this was also when her personal and professional slide would begin. After WCW, Missy would join ECW for a brief stint where she was a part of a variety of tasteless storylines. She left ECW in 1996 and hasn’t worked with a major promotion since.

Just so this post isn’t entirely depressing, here’s a couple videos from Missy’s heyday. Her introduction to WCW alongside former husband Eddie Gilbert, and a video package on her feud with evil misogynist Paul Heyman…

via Wrestling Inc.