The Spectacular ‘Miz & Mrs’ Is Back, And It’s Been Renewed

USA Network

The Miz has a lot to be excited about. He’s got a WrestleMania match against Shane McMahon, he just successfully turned face (something many fans doubted he could pull off), and he seems to have a really happy family life. On top of all that, his career as a reality TV star has really taken off. In an Instagram video from backstage at Smackdown Live, the Miz announce that USA has renewed Miz & Mrs, the reality show about him and his wife Maryse and their family. That news came on the same night as the post-Smackdown spring premiere of the show, which kicks off the second half of Season One. USA has ordered 20 more episodes, which will give the show a solid run no matter how long it lasts. And as last night’s episode proved, it deserves to last a long time. It’s a very fun show, and while Miz and Maryse are both great on it, Maryse’s mother Marjo might be the best reality TV find since Todd Chrisley.

The first half of the first season, which aired in 2018, was pretty great, with highlights like the Miz and his dad trying to transport a giant expensive cake in the back seat of an SUV and meeting with inevitable disaster. Last night’s spring premiere, however, was particularly entertaining. It took place during the run-up to SummerSlam, and dealt with the Miz trying to get a last-minute spray tan and ending up having to sneak past fans with a coat over his face so they couldn’t see that he was bright orange. Meanwhile he kept checking in on Marjo over the intercom-equipped cameras in Castle MarMiz (that’s what they call it) until she started walking around naked to get him to stop. Cameos included Ricochet awkwardly sharing an elevator with bright orange Miz, and Dolph Ziggler encouraging the aging Marjo to dance naked (Ziggler’s a weird dude).

I’ve considered recapping this show, but it’s so well put-together that I feel like recaps would be a little too Chris Farley Show— “And then Miz thought he was supposed to show up for the photo shoot naked, and everybody stared at him, that was soooo funny.” Whether it’s because the show is better made, or just that it only has two wrestlers to deal with instead of a whole cast, Miz & Mrs lacks the occasional awkwardness of Total Divas. There’s no “It was weird when that happened” on this show. Everything that happens seems perfect.