The Miz Cut The Promo Of His Life On ‘Talking Smack’ And The Internet Went Wild

If you missed what went down on Tuesday night’s post-Smackdown Live chat show Talking Smack, you…well, you’re probably the only one. The Miz showed up to talk about his title reign and Smackdown shenanigans, but then things between him and General Manager Daniel Bryan got pretty heated. And by that we mean Miz lit him the f*ck up.

After Bryan accused Miz of wrestling “like a coward,” the current Intercontinental Champion went off on him like an ex that you’re finally drunk enough to text your real feelings to at 3 a.m. because nobody had the good sense to take away your phone. In his best promo (easily) since The Mock, the most WWE wrestler in the company let Bryan know exactly how he felt about being called a coward who wrestles a “soft style”:

I don’t get injured for six months to a year. I am here each and every week, but you sit there and call me a coward? I’m the coward? Wait, let me tell you about a coward. …you love being right there in that wrestling ring, and you love wrestling, right? Well then why don’t you quit and go to the bingo halls with your indie friends then?


This guaranteed classic promo elicited some classic reactions on its own:

If this is the future we’re looking at in WWE, then my god the future is bright.