Talking To The Miz About New Orleans, His Favorite Halloween Costume, And Handing Out Pennies

10.26.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

We told you last month that The Miz was getting Grand Marshal honors at a Halloween parade in New Orleans. Over the weekend, we attended said parade and got to chat with the intercontinental champion amidst the carnival atmosphere.

For the record, The Miz was wearing a pumpkin suit and tie (à la David S. Pumpkins), and very kindly handled the mob of dance crews and high school marching bands who stopped practicing to take pictures. They Came to Play, but as soon as The Miz appeared, they stopped (no clue on The Price they Paid).

How do you feel about New Orleans as a destination for WWE events?

Are you kidding me? This is incredible. I mean, WWE coming to New Orleans, it’s always one big party here. And what better place to have WrestleMania on April 8th besides New Orleans. It has such rich character. I was driving by I was like, god, everything is just so beautiful, so nice. I just love this city, it’s so much fun.

Recently a “Champions Square” was put up near the Super Dome, displaying notable local sports moment. What has to happen to get a Miz statue there?

Just me entering the Super Dome at WrestleMania 34 will be a moment enough to last people a lifetime. So whether they put a statue of me or not, it will be remembered more than anything that’s ever happened in the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome.

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