The Miz Had A Pillow Fight In His Underwear On MTV Because Sure, Why Wouldn’t He?

The Miz made his return to MTV, where there were neither roads nor the rules that govern them. No, this time, he was a guest on The Middle of the Night Show, wherein College Humor’s Brian Murphy ambushes an ‘unsuspecting’ celebrity guest and forces them into hosting an impromptu late night talk show. It happens, you know, in the middle of the night, so guests aren’t given much time to prepare or sleep before the show, and most of it takes place from a bed. Goddamn millennials, amirite??

This time around, Murphy popped in on a sleeping Miz, forced him into a round of Supermarket Dodgeball (with heads of lettuce instead of balls), and got him to cut a 4 a.m. promo on how sh*tty birds are. My favorite part of all of this is how literally none of it sounds like a real thing, but yet there’s so much more!

As evidenced in the clip above, The Miz and his boxer briefs — which probably cost as much as my grocery budget for the week — got involved in a non-sexy (well, maybe for some) Pro Pillow Fighting match. He teamed up a guy with an All-American American gimmick (complete with an eagle-adorned pillow) to fight an evil suit-wearing rich jerk tag team called Big Business. Chances Coral would whoop all their asses: 100 percent.