Watch The Red Band Trailer For A Wonderfully Bizarre Wrestling Documentary

Independent wrestling is weird and wonderful. For every five-star move-heavy PWG or ROH epic, you have Kota Ibushi shooting fireworks on himself in an alley, or the twin weirdness of Hoodslam or Lucha VaVoom. And now we finally have a documentary about some of the WEIRDER aspects of indie wrestling … but with some added twists and turns that go well beyond the ring.

Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana is the brainchild of filmmakers Kerri Borsuk, Glen Zipper and Ross Dinerstein. When it screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, which is where noted documentarian Morgan Spurlock saw it. He loved the film, and wanted to put it out under his “Morgan Spurlock Presents” label, so he’s acting as a distributor for the project.

Here’s some more information about the film, provided by Virgil Films:

Produced by Kerri Borsuk, Academy Award Winner Glen Zipper (Undefeated) and Ross Dinerstein (Jiro Dreams of Sushi) Morgan Spurlock Presents – BODYSLAM: REVENGE OF THE BANANA, – follows a unique group of social outcasts who partake in an unfamiliar world of amateur wrestling via SSP Wrestling (Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling.) By day they are chefs, hairdressers, and delivery men, but by night these “cabaret combatants” put on raunchy matches while rabid fans chant obscenities and hurl beer cans at their heads. The de-facto spokesman of the wrestling group and ‘hero’ is one Josh Black a.k.a. “Ronald McFondle,” followed by equally entertaining Eddie Van Glam. It’s all fun and games until new recruit Paul Richards a.k.a. “The Banana” joins up and plays the role of villain far too well. Banished from the group, he swears revenge and uses the law to try to shut SSP Wrestling down. McFondle and Van Glam must rally their troops and use every trick in the book to save their family.

The movie certainly looks entertaining as hell, and the advance reviews look promising indeed. The film will be released on March 28, so if you needed something else to do on WrestleMania weekend, now you’ve got some more entertainment lined up.