Morning Links: Don’t Forget, Tomorrow Is Thursday And You Are Obligated

Save this show, seriously, if that’s a thing any of us can do.


The 90 Best Tumblr Blogs Of 2011 – Pretty sure Buzzfeed has readied at least five of these lists a day for the entirety of December. [Buzzfeed]

The Five Most Awesome Games On a Graphing Calculator – The way we were advancing the technology in AP Calculus back in the day, I figured they’d be playing Mario Kart on those things by now. Whether or not you think graphing calculators are cool is the truest sign of uncoolness. [Gamma Squad]

Perez Hamilton Is The Best Perez Hilton Parody Tumblr EVAR!!! – Totally funny and run by a cute girl from Disney, proving that cute girls from Disney are our greatest asset and can do anything. [UPROXX]

The 10 Television Actresses You Were Most Likely to See Naked in 2011 – I don’t know who convinced Hollywood’s agents that movies are a terrible place to get naked and you have to CGI your breasts but TV is fine. “Next season calls for 19 scenes of buttf**king, that sound like something you’d be interested in?” “SHOAR!” [Warming Glow]

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 12/5: Zack Ryder All Day Everyday – If you missed it, scroll down one post and read it. Important things are happening with this column! [With Leather]

Do The Source Magazine’s 5 Mics Still Matter? – I guess the white people equivalent to this would be “does Sushi-X’s GamePro score still matter?” And the answer is no, no it doesn’t. [Smoking Section]

Guns, Horses & Insecurities: Reporting From the Set of True Grit XXX – The XXX parody people should delve deeper into John Wayne’s filmography. I mean, The Shootist is probably the easiest thing to porn parody ever. [Film Drunk]

The Cello Skills Are Strong With This Star Wars Fan Video – “This Babylon 5 Fan Is Great At Playing The Recorder”. [Gamma Squad]

The Dozen Funniest Death Scenes In Otherwise Serious Movies – Titanic tops this list for me. I still break out the PUH PUH PUH PUH PROMISE ME RUH RUH RUH ROSE every now and then. [FARK]

Ranking Television’s 10 Best Boobs – Exactly what you think it’s gonna be, but yes, there is also a picture of Alison Brie. [Pajiba]

Time for the X-Men to Get Minimalist – Look at this yellow square! It’s Forge! [Unreality]

The Five Worst Surfing Wipeouts of 2011 – At least three of them were caused by a cursed tiki. [Brobible]

Artist Spots Hidden Animals In Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa – Somewhere in the world Dan Brown just scrolled through our Morning Links, went OH SH*T WHAT and started hyperventilating and scribbling in a notebook. [High Definite]