Motörhead Will Cover A Rolling Stones Classic Just For WWE’s Triple H

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Rock legends Motörhead recently announced the release of their 22nd studio album, Bad Magic, featuring 12 new tracks and a cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Sympathy for the Devil.” However, this cover wasn’t prompted by a great love of the song, or even Lemmy Kilmister suddenly being way into the ending of Interview With a Vampire. Instead, the cover comes at the request of a familiar associate: WWE’s own Triple H.

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Lemmy revealed that the song actually came about after a phone call from Triple H requesting the cover. The nature of the request wasn’t revealed, so we have no idea if it will be a future theme, the official song of a pay-per-view, or if Triple H has just gone ahead and fashioned such an incredible dream life for himself that he can call Lemmy to sing him songs and it just happens.

In the past, Motörhead has performed two of Triple H’s entrance themes — “The Game” and “The King of Kings” — as well as “Line in the Sand,” the theme for Triple H’s faction, Evolution. Motörhead have also performed live at WrestleMania twice, and Triple H has in turn appeared on one of their albums, and has introduced them in concert numerous times. Bad Magic will officially be released Aug. 28.

(Via Wrestling Inc.)