Teachin’ Fools Some Basic Rules: Mr. T Reflects On A Lifetime Of Memories, From WWE To Muhammad Ali

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05.18.16 4 Comments

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Even when Mr. T isn’t around, he’s around. The pop culture icon known for his work in Rocky III, the early WrestleManias, and The A-Team has continued to stay in the public eye with a variety of projects, from commercials to the short-lived World’s Craziest Fools television show (we hardly knew ye).

His look is unmistakable. His catch phrases are part of the public lexicon. And long after any of us are walking this Earth, people will know who Mr. T is. That’s something to aspire to, and he knows that, which is probably why he’s spent as much time as he has crafting words of wisdom to build people up and help to motivate.

Uproxx spoke with Mr. T on Wednesday as part of some promotion he was doing for Fairfield Inn & Suites – while his character Mr. Guaran-T tried to inspire Nik Wallenda during a high-wire act in New York’s Flatiron Plaza – and discussed everything from Rocky and wrestling to the time he once tried out for the Green Bay Packers.

Was there any talk of Clubber Lang appearing in Creed? Would Clubber’s hypothetical son beat Apollo’s son? I feel like he’d have a chance.

I think they’d be stretching it too much. They’ve gotta leave the sons out of it. Rocky had a good run for a long time. Let the Rock last, you know what I mean? You don’t want to go into a theater and see Rocky 900. We had good fights, and stuff like that. And it’s time for him to go out and do other stuff.

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