Naomi Went On A Twitter Tear With Some Very Un-PG Retweets Aimed At WWE Creative

Have you been noticing a distinct lack of Naomi on WWE TV lately? Well, that might not change any time soon, as Team BAD leader (Trinity to you Total Divas fans) has been on a bit of a Twitter bender lately, retweeting basically anything that implies Naomi/Team BAD is being overlooked or held back.

Her first batch of tweets, while somewhat eyebrow-raising, feel like they could be part of a storyline, as they’re relatively PG-friendly and strictly focus on the fact that Naomi should get a title shot. Here’s a sampling:

Then, during last night’s Raw, things took a turn. Naomi started retweeting stuff that not only took direct, kayfabe-breaking aim at creative, but contained some not safe for the kiddies language.

Huh. If this isn’t a work, I’m not sure what Naomi is trying to achieve here. Did she look at her friends in The New Day dropping some occasionally edgy references and decide f-bomb-filled assaults on creative would be cool? If so, that was a bad call, Naomi. Hopefully she wasn’t taking inspiration from Alex Riley.

With luck, the fallout from this isn’t too severe, because Naomi has really improved over the past year, and it would be a shame to see her hard work wiped out by a social media brain fart. And the shame would be compounded if Sasha Banks gets caught in the blowback.

Let’s hope for the best, and remember the good times…

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