Check Out The First Pics Of Alison Brie And Netflix’s New Wrestling Comedy ‘GLOW’

We’ve been hype since the announcement that the Orange is the New Black team was heading up a G.L.O.W. series for Netflix, and that hype only intensified when Community and Bojack Horseman star Alison Brie came on board. Last month the show got a date announcement, and now Netflix has blessed us with show stills that highlight both the (1) gorgeous ladies and (2) wrestling of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

You can check out the photos below. Note: if you check these out in order, it tells the story of a young actress who finds out about a role in a wrestling show over lunch, auditions later that day and gets the gig, only to get beaten up and feel badly about it. That’s probably very close to the actual show plot.

Season 1 (of many, hopefully) of GLOW premieres on Netflix on June 23. I’m hoping it lasts long enough for them to do an episode about the time they beat up Al Bundy, and one about the time they tried to hook up with Donald Trump. As long as the show stops every five minutes to devote a minute to Hee-Haw style rapid-fire puns, it’ll be a great tribute to the original.