Netflix’s ‘GLOW’ Will Officially Return For A Fourth And Final Season

Great news from the world of unsure Netflix renewals today as one of the best shows on the platform, GLOW, will officially be coming back for a fourth and final season.

Advertised as, “the last match,” season for will pick up with the dramatized versions of the real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling after a light-on-wrestling but heavy on emotion third season in Las Vegas that included Geena Davis as a showgirl, a deep dive on sexual identity politics, and wrestling promos being cut on the crew of the Challenger space shuttle.

You can watch the announcement preview below.

It’s great to see GLOW coming back for a fourth and final season, as while season three wrapped up a lot of character arcs and important plot points, there’s still a lot more to do with Ruth, Debbie, Sam, and some of the minor characters who’ve still never gotten a proper spotlight.

The preview clip didn’t include a release date for season four, so if it’s like season three, it’ll be a long wait before it actually reaches our screens. But hey, a short wait’s worth it if it gives the cast and crew enough time to come up with more catchy anti-kidnapping anthems.