WWE’s Neville Got Some Great News About That Gross-Looking Ankle Injury

03.16.16 3 years ago 10 Comments

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On Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, Neville turned his ankle on a routine baseball slide. It was speculated that he sustained injuries to his ankle and tibia, but thankfully that was just speculation. After further examination and X-rays, it was revealed in an official update from WWE that Neville had suffered a bad ankle fracture.

While “no injury” is obviously the best news, that doesn’t seem to fit with how things have been going in WWE. “No surgery required” is pretty much the best news you can hope to hear these days, and thankfully that’s the news Neville got after further testing. Via WWE.com:

“Neville had some repeat testing done in Orlando today which included X-Rays and a cat scan of his ankle,” explained Dr. Amann. “Upon further review, it has been determined that surgical repair of the ankle would not be necessary. Instead, he will be treated nonoperatively with a cast and crutches. The estimated return for this type of fracture is usually two to three months.“

While it sucks that he’ll have so much time to remind gravity he exists, not having to go under the knife is certainly a relief. Now hopefully everyone in WWE will get really into wristlocks and submission exchanges for a while so no one else gets hurt. That or listen to my proposal of wrapping everyone in bubble wrap. I’m happy with either.

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