Neville Is Reportedly No Longer Under Contract With WWE, Finally



Time for some very good or very bad news, depending on your preferences and point of view: per Pro Wrestling Sheet, Neville is officially no longer under contract with WWE. This comes nearly a year after asking for his release from the company, being kept under contract despite quitting, and having his release refused.

Not a lot of additional information was provided — Pro Wrestling Sheet didn’t provide any additional details, clarify when Neville and WWE officially parted ways, or mention whether or not there’s a no compete clause in effect that would keep him away from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, or even the upcoming All In event — but at least the behind the scenes drama that was keeping him off our television screens appears to be over.

Neville joined WWE in 2012 after traveling the world as PAC, the man that gravity forgot. Gravity still forgot him after the name change, don’t worry. He flourished in NXT, winning the inaugural NXT Tag Team Championship tournament alongside Oliver Grey and becoming NXT Tag Team Champions, holding those belts twice in his run. Later he’d go on to defeat Bo Dallas in a ladder match at NXT Arrival — TakeOver before there was TakeOver — to become the fourth NXT Champion. On the main roster, Neville would become much more purple and win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on two occasions.