Kurt Angle Believes Neville Can Be A Future WWE Main Eventer

Ever since coming back from a freak injury, the former “Adrian” Neville has been riding a wave of momentum as the dominant WWE Cruiserweight Champion and self-proclaimed “King of the Cruiserweights.” He’s added a much-needed air of legitimacy to the division, which was uneven at best until he was put into the mix.

In fact, he’s been so good and shown so much personality and intensity, that it seems inevitable he will at a certain point transcend the division and start mixing it up with the heavyweights once again. Of course, since the day he was signed, fans who had been following the career of Pac (as he was known in his pre-WWE life) have been saying he deserves to be at the top of the card (or at least holding one of the established secondary non-cruiserweight titles).

Well, as luck would have it, there are also people in WWE who feel the same way. Raw general manager Kurt Angle believes Neville has the potential to be a main event player despite his size, just like Rey Mysterio in days of yore. Angle held a Facebook Q&A, and when he was asked what midcard talent has the potential to reach the top one day, Angle named his pick. (Via WrestleZone.)

“I really like Neville. He has the ability to cross over from the 205 division to the HWT division. He’s so talented as a wrestler, and his character is strong. He can speak very well and his style will mesh well with the heavyweights. Almost like Rey Mysterio was able to mesh with the big boys. Neville is very talented.”

Luckily, Kurt Angle is in charge of Raw in real life and makes all the matches and decisions about who to put in the main event and whatnot. Wait, what’s that?

[listens to earpiece]

Oh, well that’s a bummer. At any rate, people in WWE know exactly how talented Neville is, and the sky is the limit. We assume.