The New Day’s ‘Book Of Booty’ Is A Wacky Ode To WWE’s Wackiest Team

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03.08.18 2 Comments


If you’re a fan of WWE, or of the New Day, you’re well aware that there has been a New Day book on the horizon for a while now. They’ve been actively shilling it since at least November, and on March 14, fans can finally get their hands on a real-life copy of The Book of Booty: Shake It, Love It, Never Be It.

St. Martin’s Griffin was kind enough to send us a review copy, and now we can pass our knowledge of having already read the book on to you, the reader!

While the New Day might not have sat down and actually written this entire book, they were very closely involved the whole way through, as you’ll see when you power your way through it, and they’ve taken care to make sure the Book of Booty is as on-brand as humanly possible. And if you know anything about the New Day, you know that personal brand can be pretty wide-reaching at times.

First things first: if you were expecting this to be a sort of actual this-is-a-real-book biography in the vein of Chris Jericho’s numerous memoirs, or Daniel Bryan’s WWE autobiography … it isn’t that. This is more like a miniaturized version of a coffee table book, and while it does in fact tell the tale of the New Day quite extensively, it’s more of a collection of cool things to look at rather than … just a bunch of words.

And really, would a book with a bunch of words on boring white paper be what the New Day is about? Absolutely not.

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