The New Day Went On A Morning Show And Reviewed Patti’s Pies Because New Day Rocks

11.16.15 2 years ago 8 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new dessert taking over the country. Patti’s pies — named after legendary singer Patti LaBelle — became the talk of the Internet after a review went viral on Facebook last week. Now, the pies are going for $45 on eBay and Wal-Mart can’t keep them in stores. What could possibly make Patti’s Pies more wanted? New Day.

Here’s the video from The CW 26 Morning Show in Carolina where Kofi, Big E and Xavier gave their live reviews of the pies. I can’t think of anything more American. The trio might want to take it easy on the pies, though, as each slice has roughly 75,000 calories in it.

I swear, though, if New Day comes to the ring with Patti’s Pies tonight, I’m building a shrine to them out of sweet potatoes. I request Big E doing a solo as Xavier plays some lovely background music while Kofi eats some pie. This is the best pie-related WWE news since The Rock made them euphemisms for vaginas. Actually, that wasn’t that great, was it?

Anyway, New Day rocks pies. And our hearts.

Here’s the full interview:

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