The New Day Will Host The Second Show On WWE’s Official Podcast Network

This summer, WWE announced it was starting an official podcast network. Today, the company announced the network will premier its second original program, a show called Feel the Power that will be hosted by The New Day, on December 2.

According to WWE’s statement, Feel the Power will offer fans, “an unprecedented connection to the seven-time WWE Tag Team Champions as they riff on their experiences from inside and outside the ring.” The New Day will “share personal stories from their daily lives and engage in passionate debates as they cover some of their favorite subjects, including sports, video games, music and much more.” Overall, it sounds pretty different from Corey Graves‘s faux-edgy After the Bell podcast where he does interviews and tows the company line about Saudi Arabia and talking to the media.

WWE included a statement from The New Day (as a collective, not credited to any individual team member), that, “Feel the Power is the perfect platform for us to take our engagement with fans to the next level. Nothing will be off limits as we take listeners on a wild ride inside our lives.”

The members of the popular tag team/stable gave way more organic-seeming takes on their new show on Twitter. Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was characteristically positive, while Xavier Woods, who is currently out of action recovering from an injury, described the show as a soundtrack for “when you sit to poop” and “you also play on your phone until your legs fall asleep.”

Big E, the member of The New Day fans might want to hear unfiltered the most, sounded the most pessimistic about the new show, posting, “Look, I can’t promise that this will be groundbreaking. Or provocative. Or worth your time. Or passable. Or remotely listenable….What was my point again?…I dunno…click on the link to subscribe…I guess…”

Given these responses, it seems like maybe these three didn’t really want to start a podcast! Considering how much success they’ve already had building their brand and strengthen their relationship with fans through things like video game YouTube channel Up Up Down Down, they could have easily done it already, right? Still, if you want to hear The New Day all together while Woods off TV, Feel the Power seems like it could be worth checking out.