NJPW Is Now Selling The Most Beautiful Piece Of Pro Wrestling Merch Ever


Do you love New Japan Pro Wrestling, especially lovable heel (tweener? antihero babyface?) faction Los Ingobernables de Japon? Do you love gimmicky beauty products, especially face masks? First of all, why are we not already best friends??? Second of all, LOOK AT THIS:

That, my friends, is the “BUSHI BEAUTY FACE MASK,” and NOT ONLY the Bushi Beauty Face Mask, but the full “BUSHI En serio BEAUTY SET!”

Our friends at NJPW have already described these better than I ever could, so take it away, New Japan, with translation by Google Translate:

New Japan Pro Wrestling BUSHI boasts the highest aesthetic sense of professionalism!
BUSHI BEAUTY FACE MASK unique to such a BUSHI player has appeared!
Please prepare BUSHI athletes, watch your skin and heart happily, watching the game on the day before the game, after victory.

The BUSHI face mask costs 1,000 yen, or $9.43 USD. The full set is 4,000 yen ($37.72), and NJPW makes it sound like it’s worth every penny:

“BUSHI BEAUTY FACE MASK” alone will not end! “BUSHI En serio BEAUTY SET” which also became a set of “original claw polish”, “compact mirror”, “special pouch” also appeared! BUSHI BEAUTY FACE MASK at BUSHI player, after your skin moistens, you can easily toy care with your original nail polish! A compact mirror with handy size conveniently checks anytime anytime! Total beauty may be aimed at this one set! What? Moreover, because it is with a pleasing private porch, it can be carried anytime anywhere! BUSHI En serio BEAUTY SET will surely be useful for your watching life as well, it will definitely be your favorite item! Please try!

They notably do not say if these products will make anyone as beautiful as Bushi’s entrance mask that looked like Venom with the skull of Gedo on the tongue, or as beautiful as Bushi’s entrance mask he wore for the triple threat IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team championship match that had the skulls of champions Roppongi 3K on the tongue and fellow challengers Kanemaru and El Desperado in a little bag hanging out of the mouth, or even as beautiful as the sugar skull entrance mask he wears sometimes. Most importantly, they don’t even tell us if any of these products will give one the ability to spit black poison mist!

However, I would still very much like to buy all of this stuff. Never have I felt so fully understood by a company, not even every single time a fast food restaurant worker has asked me, “Do you want fries with that?” (That’s why I have to use so many face masks. It’s a vicious cycle.)