New ‘WWE 2K16’ Trailer Delivers Great Stone Cold Rivalries And A First Look At The Terminator

The entire 123 character WWE 2K16 roster has now been unveiled (and, unfortunately, it won’t include any of the Four Horsewomen), but that doesn’t mean the hype train is over. Oh no, 2K Games has released a new WWE 2K16 trailer, and it’s full of interesting footage and tidbits.

The trailer starts with glimpses of its large roster, including looks at characters we haven’t seen in motion yet, like Dean Ambrose, The New Day, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler and more. We also get some glimpses of the Steve Austin-starring WWE Showcase mode, as he takes on classic rivals like The Rock, The Undertaker, Vince McMahon, Dude Love and… Seth Rollins? Not sure what’s up with that last one.

We also get a first, in-game look as Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator. There’s two versions of The Terminator in the game, (mostly) naked Terminator from the first movie (sorry, folks, no Arnie butt) and one that appears to be based on Terminator 2. I’m still pretty peeved that Sasha Banks won’t be in WWE 2K16, but I’d also be lying if I wasn’t at least a little excited to destroy Zack Ryder with peak, early ’80s naked Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh, and remember, if you want The Terminator, you’ll have to pre-order sometime before October 27.

via IGN