The First Modern WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Were Crowned Inside The Elimination Chamber


As promised, WWE crowned its first Women’s Tag Team Champions of the modern era in a six-team Elimination Chamber match. They may not technically be the company’s first women’s tag champs ever, but it’s still a really exciting moment. Other than some die-hard fans of (admittedly very talented) dark horse teams like the IIconics and Fire & Desire, the truth is that most people were simultaneously expecting and hoping for a win by the Boss & Hug Connection, while also worrying about that Nia Jax and Tamina might sneak out a win instead. As it turned out, hope won the day, with Sasha Banks and Bayley coming out victorious.

The Boss & Hug Connection, the team of Sasha Banks and Bayley, started the match against Fire & Desire, comprised of Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, two thirds of the Riott Squad, were released into the chamber next, followed by the IIconics, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, then Naomi and Carmella, also known as Fabulous Glow, all before there was an elimination. When it did come, Fabulous Glow was eliminated first, when the IIconics joined forces to roll up Naomi. Immediately after that, Nia Jax and Tamina came in an started wreaking havoc. They soon eliminated the IIconics with a double Samoan Drop leading to a double pin.

The Riott Squad were eliminated when Tamina hit them both with a splash for another pin. Nia and Tamina were eliminated when Bayley hit Tamina with a top rope elbow drop and Sasha, Sonya, and Mandy all joined in to pin her. At that point it came back down to the two teams who’d started the match. When Sonya Deville tapped out to a modified Bank Statement (Sasha had hurt her shoulder, so used her leg instead) the new WWE Tag Team Champions were crowned. Afterwards came this moving promo:

What’s really exciting is what happens next, when Sasha and Bayley get to start defending those titles in actual tag team matches. There’s already a lot of fan chatter about the possibility of Trish Stratus and Lita or the Bella Twins challenging for them at WrestleMania, and hopefully they’ll have a match with Fire & Desire or one of the other teams from the Chamber at Fastlane between now and then.