Nia Jax Offered Her Own Explanation For Her Brief WWE Hiatus

It’s been a very weird few weeks for WWE powerhouse Nia Jax. She was off television following the Raw brand’s TLC pay-per-view, and rumors swirled that she had “walked out” on the company, similar to what happened with disgruntled cruiserweight star Neville. That ended up not being exactly the case, although reports persisted that Jax was frustrated, and may have even taken some time away from the company after receiving advice from her cousin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

These reports, coming on the heels of Neville’s exit — and even before WWE released a trio of Superstars last week — led to some misguided fears that a mass exodus of WWE talent might be on the horizon. That, of course, ended up not being the case, as Jax returned to WWE television last week without incident. And of course, she already made her debut over on the seventh season premiere of Total Divas.

Regardless of way, Jax is back, and remains being unlike the majority of women. She’s even found herself onto the Raw women’s team for an upcoming match at Survivor Series. But the rumors and speculation as to why she sat out a few weeks will continue to be around.

For her part, Jax is opening up and giving her side of the story — or at least, the version of events that she’s making public. While talking to The Mirror during WWE’s current U.K. tour, Jax claimed there just wasn’t anything for her to do, so she didn’t need to be at television.

“Well actually I had live events off for the last couple of weeks because that’s just how it worked out, for cycling and stuff, so I got a little rest from TV because I wasn’t in anything storyline-wise, so I had a little rest there. But yeah, it’s been great. I love what we do, I love the storytelling, especially being such a different character and obviously a different size than everybody, we get to play on that and it’s always cool to see where we can go in the ring.”

Regardless of the reason, none of us can ever begrudge any wrestler “a little rest.” We’re glad Jax is back and kicking ass, as she’ll continue to do for the foreseeable future.

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