A New Report Might Provide The Reason Nia Jax Took A Leave Of Absence From WWE

Nia Jax has been absent from WWE for over three weeks. While nothing has been stated on WWE television about why she’s gone and Jax hasn’t said anything on social media, there is a new report of why she has taken time off.

Last week there was a rumor that she had left the company, but we covered that story noting that it’s not true. There have been other rumors offering reasons for her absence ranging from her being tired of being on the road since she’s only been in the wrestling business for about three years and other reports claiming she’s unhappy about what WWE is paying her.

In a new report by Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, he claims that Jax didn’t like the idea of losing clean to Sasha Banks at TLC, which is why she has stayed home. The report adds that she called her cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he advised her to walk away if she was unhappy.

It’s not known when Jax is going to be back to WWE and appear on Raw again, but we are still believing the PWInsider story from last week where they wrote that she has not quit the company. Being frustrated about doing a job is upsetting to read. I’m sure lots of people in WWE are unhappy when they are told to lose a match. They shouldn’t take it personal, though. One person loses a match and the next night they may go over. Jax needs to realize the wrestling business is full of ups and downs. She is clearly going to be a big part of WWE’s women’s divisions as a bigger heel that will win multiple championships as long as she doesn’t leave the company soon.

This has been a unique year for WWE talents choosing to walk away when they are unhappy. We saw Austin Aries leave the company earlier in the year after he spent nearly two decades in wrestling before he got to WWE. Recently, Neville chose to leave WWE because he’s not happy about how he’s been used.

Jax has been active on Twitter by retweeting things about her career as well as supporting Nikki Bella on Dancing with the Stars among other things. It’s no surprise that Jax hasn’t talked about her absence. Here’s a video promoting Jax on the upcoming season of Total Divas.

That’s the latest news on Jax. We’ll have an update on her whenever there’s something new to report.