Nikki Bella May Have To Retire Her Finisher Because Of The Damage It Did To Her Neck

Now, neck and upper body pain is a pretty common complaint amongst those with a more well-endowed rack. Proper support is key, ladies! Proper support during a Rack Attack is just as important, or at least it is according to this terrible segue.

Rumor has it that Nikki Bella’s current neck injury that’s keeping her out of the ring could be because of her aptly-named finishing move. Ryan Satin over at Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the Rack Attack may have to go to the Elephant Graveyard of pro wrestling finishers, taking its place next to the Curb Stomp and Randy Orton just full-on kicking dudes in the head:

Our sources tell us the cause of Nikki Bella’s injury was her repeated use of “The Rack Attack” finisher, and the neurologist was shocked to learn she had been doing it 5 nights a week. As of now, doctors say she may have to stop using the move upon her return.

My favorite part of that is a pro wrestler’s doctor being shocked at actual wrestling happening. My least favorite part is where it’s suspected that Nikki may be out longer than anticipated. The former Diva’s Champion took time off back in November to rehab bulging discs in her neck that were pressing on her spinal cord. What was only supposed to be a short rehab time has now become an indefinite one, with an MRI to determine whether or not she’ll need surgery scheduled for the end of January. While I want all wrestlers to be safe and healthy (the impossible dream!), I’m kinda sad to see the Rack Attack go. A lady wrestler doing anything even remotely reminiscent of Tsubasa Kuragaki’s torture rack fills my heart with gladness, but uhh…actually, you know what, Nikki? Maybe just rest up and don’t do anything like that. For your neck’s sake.