This Video Shows Just How Serious The Nikki Bella Injury Is

Back in November, it was announced that former Divas Champion Nikki Bella was taking time off to rehab nagging injuries. The hope was that she’d be able to heal up from the damage her finishing move was doing to her neck and get back in the ring without having surgery. That turned out to be an impossibility. Nikki had surgery on Wednesday and it went well, and now WWE’s posted a followup video documenting the before-and-after of the process.

The clip really puts the seriousness — and the rarity — of the injury into perspective. Nikki’s recovery time is set at a minimum of six months, including three months where she’ll be unable to travel and will be stuck at her house in Tampa. That has to be agony for someone who spends so much of their life traveling around the world with WWE, not to mention Total Divas. The good news is that her recovery’s already going well, and she’s clearly got a great support system to make sure she gets there. She’s got a loving boyfriend, a twin sister … she’s even got People Power.

We continue to wish Nikki Bella a full and speedy recovery. We hope to see her back in WWE before the end of 2016, throwing forearms and never ever doing the Rack Attack again.

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