Nikki Cross Is Building A Promising Feud On The Internet


Monday night on Raw, Alexa Bliss announced during a Moment of Bliss segment that she’ll be hosting WrestleMania this year. What she didn’t know at the time was that there was someone eavesdropping, besides the giant crowd and all the viewers at home of course. Nikki Cross was just backstage, and she was also listening, and reacting, as we saw in a video released on WWE’s YouTube page:

Nikki hasn’t been seen on TV in the past few weeks, so starting an “I never get invited” angle makes perfect sense for her right now, especially against Alexa Bliss, the very embodiment of the Popular Girl. Plus, Bliss constantly seems to be on the verge of turning face lately, but she can’t quite seem to let her heel tendencies go, so a chaotic tweener like Cross is the perfect opponent for Alexa in this moment of her career. Naturally, Alexa responded with faux-sympathy on Twitter:

Obviously we don’t know where this story is going, or if it will even amount to anything on TV, but Nikki and Alexa are both great at embodying their characters, and they’ve both been desperately in need of an actual storyline for a while now, so at the moment I’m inclined to be optimistic and hope that this is going somewhere. With these two superstars, it certainly has potential.