Nobody Puts John Cena In The Mid-Card. Cena Vs. Orton Is Main Eventing Hell In A Cell.

“Enjoy your match with Seth Whatshisname, Jack!”

In lieu of the World Champion Brock Lesnar showing up at the next pay-per-view, WWE has been doing this weird, credulity-straining storyline in which Dean Ambrose and John Cena both need to get their hands on Seth Rollins so urgently that they’ve repeatedly come to blows over it. It came to a head on this past Monday’s Raw when Ambrose won a no-DQ contract-on-a-pole match, earning the right to face Rollins at Hell in a Cell.

Apparently Ambrose also earned the right to be shunted to the mid-card.

See, even since this idiotic epic was hatched the idea has been that the loser of Ambrose/Cena would get Orton, but I guess WWE realized halfway through the storyline that Orton being the booby prize in this scenario would make him look like, well, a bit of a boob. Also, Ambrose winning means, logically, they’d have to put Ambrose/Rollins last.

Haha, well f*ck logic. Even though Rollins is all anyone’s been able to talk about for a month, even though Cena “earned” his match by being beat, Cena/Orton is going to main event Hell in a Cell according to PWI. The desire to protect Orton and Cena is the reason the Cena/Ambrose match was given away for free on Raw — WWE needs time to build it up as the show’s real main attraction.

So yeah, wow. Not only does this make zero sense, not only is it a profoundly counterproductive thing to do to two of your most promising new talents, but Jesus — Randy Orton and John Cena? Again? The crowd is going to tear that apart and shit it out. Hopefully WWE changes their mind, because otherwise, this is going to get ugly.

via Wrestling Inc. here & here