NWA TNA Chapter 11: Bankruptcy

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12.28.17 15 Comments


In Chapter Ten of the NWA TNA story we watched AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn wrestle eight falls, met Lollipop the candy-themed cage dancer, and were introduced to “The Bullet,” a masked man who definitely doesn’t spell the word ass with a “crooked letter.”

Welcome to Chapter 11, the final weekly pay-per-view for NWA TNA Wrestling.

[checks notes]

… until Panda Energy takes over as the show’s financial backer, introducing Jeff Jarrett to Dixie Carter and starting the wonderful journey of friendship and good business we’ve been witness to for the past 15 years. This is the second of two shows taped as a last ditch effort for TNA while they looked for a new sponsor, and are followed by a “Best of the X-Division” special and an off-week for 9/11 since it had only been a year since the attack.

If you’d like to keep up with these columns as they go, be sure to check out the NWA TNA Wrestling: The Asylum Years tag. I’d give you a direct link to the shows but the Global Wrestling Network redirects everything to their main page. I don’t think anybody’s paying attention. Isn’t that the slogan on the sign outside of Impact Wrestling HQ?

And now, chapter eleven of the TNA Wrestling story for August 28, 2002.

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