NWA TNA Chapter Three: American Horror Story Asylum

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.26.17 16 Comments

In Chapter Two, TNA had its first refocusing (after one episode) by giving wins to AJ Styles and James Storm, young stars who took embarrassing losses in Chapter One. Also, they continued to make their top stars look great by having popular hillbilly celebrities beat up their wrestlers at every turn.

In Chapter Three we’ll name new NWA World Tag Team Champions, say goodbye to our (current) favorite tag team of wrestling penises, and watch in amazement as TNA manages to misidentify their own parent company’s President.

If you’d like to keep up with these columns as they go, be sure to check out the NWA TNA Wrestling: The Asylum Years tag. Again, I’d give you a direct link to the shows but the Global Wrestling Network redirects everything to their main page, because they really want you to watch the latest episode of Impact.

And now, chapter three of the TNA Wrestling story for July 3, 2002.

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